Hippo Campus - warm glow

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  1. baseball
  2. traveler
  3. warm glow

Following the summer of 2017, that has seen Hippo Campus play at major US festivals including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, the band have released this new EP, featuring a long-term live favourite, baseball. The warm glow EP then has two more new songs and was partially crafted during the landmark album sessions.

"We had wanted to start writing and recording again after tour and these songs were staring us in the face ever since our first wave of writing sessions for 'landmark'. So we went to Pachyderm studios this summer to get 'em down within a live setting, which was a return to the process of our first two EPs. There were many blueprints (demos on demos) for 'baseball', having gone through a rigorous audition process for 'landmark', and 'warm glow' was, at one time, going to be the closing track of the album. It'd be a lie to say we had this EP figured out from the beginning, but plans are overrated anyhow."
Nathan Stocker

"There's something strange that happens when you're in the back of a van going 70mph down an interstate highway at least ten hours from home. The back of that van becomes a home. The rest of the world turns dim and hazy. The only concrete thing you have is a trunk converted into a makeshift bed and your 3 best friends occupied with headphones or a book. Even when conversation is slim, the mere presence of these people brings a peace thought to be attainable only by blood.

A project must grow and evolve, at times pulling its creators apart. It's necessary however, in an almost therapeutic way, to return to what has always been sacred. The 'warm glow' EP unexpectedly became an ode to that relationship. When the present becomes uncertain, we cling to what brings purpose: each other."
Jake Luppen