Boniface - Dear Megan (Dizzy Remix)

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  1. Dear Megan (Dizzy Remix)

Boniface have shared a remix by Dizzy of their single Dear Megan, which was originally released in July of this year. The remix takes the track down a different path, drawing out its sparking alt-pop into blissful ambience.

Dear Megan was written just after frontman Micah moved away from his parents, overcome with possibility. He explained "I was feeling so overwhelmed and a little bit reckless. I was the middle of summer and I was happy but also filled with a lot of anxiety and it helped to go out and be surrounded by people. I was nervous and excited and trying to channel it all into my writing. I think that’s what the song is about really, being overwhelmed by the future but embracing the moment. Really believing in it".