Blaenavon - That’s Your Lot

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Double LP
Signed CD


LP, CD and Digital

  1. Take Care
  2. Let’s Pray
  3. Orthodox Man
  4. My Bark Is Your Bite
  5. Lonely Side
  6. Let Me See What Happens Next
  7. Alice Come Home
  8. Ode to Joe
  9. I Will Be the World
  10. Prague ‘99
  11. Swans
  12. That’s Your Lot

"A huge, rich, brilliant documentation of youth, one which will last for years."
DIY, ★★★★★

"Anthemic, introspective, delightful."
Q, ★★★★

"Good things come to those who wait... 'That’s Your Lot' is serious business indeed."

"Rich, heartbreaking and all in one swoop. 'That’s Your Lot' is a gorgeous tapestry painted with the bold, the fragile and the beautiful... a band who could become an influential force for a generation."
Dork, ★★★★

"Broody teenagers have a new band to worship in their bedrooms."
Daily Star

"Nothing short of magnificent."
The Line of Best Fit, ★★★★