David Pye


Coming from a prolific and varied background as an engineer at The Mill Studio (Norfolk), and Leeders Farm, David’s main aim as a Producer is to remove any technical obstacles between an artist and their creativity.

As an engineer David has worked with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Egyptian Hiphop, iLikeTrains), Rob Ellis (2:54, Fredrika Stahl), and Rollo Armstrong (UTRB, Dido, Faithless) among many, many others. 

As a producer he has made and mixed records with 2:54, Blaenavon, Brolin, Jarbird and Kyla La Grange.

David’s production rests on putting the opinions and wishes of the artist at the forefront, and shining the brightest and truest light on those as a starting point. Whether it’s bleak, atmospheric minimal electronica, or rawkus, visceral punk-rock, he believes the artist already understands their own vision clearer than anyone else can.