PARTYBABY have a new EP out next month and ‘Don’t Say It (Bedroom)’ is available to download free

With the band on tour in the UK alongside VANT, PARTYBABY have announced a follow up to The Golden Age Of Bullshit in the form of the Versions EP which will be on 9 December. The 5 songs in it are re-workings of songs plus a brand new track Hey You (Loser), and one track, Don't Say It (Bedroom) is available to download for free today. The band said the following about the making of the songs.

"When we were initially asked to make an 'acoustic' record we really didn't want to. We'd been asked to do it five or six times, always shrugging it off like petulant children who don't want to do what they're told. We went into the studio and after a couple hours of dragging our feet around, we started on the new version of Everything's All Right. I'll never forget the moment I started playing that five note repeating melody on the Wurlitzer. We each had that look in our eyes, not dissimilar to when we were making it's original version, like it was the craziest thing we'd ever done. We dove in, coming out of our trance every couple hours to ask each other, 'Are we really doing this?', only to have a laugh and then get back into it. It certainly wasn't acoustic, and it definitely wasn't what we were being asked to do, but what started as a stylistic protest led to a feeling we knew very well and hadn't felt in a long time. We were truly happy.

As it does, it all happened really quickly after that. We went back to working day and night, building studios in our bedrooms so we could keep working after we got back from being in the studio all day together. We stopped answering our phones and the messages asking if we were okay piled up. Our close friends who were around us in the last couple of months can attest to just how possessed by it all we were. We became reconnected to the spark of these songs that had long since turned into pawns of set-list melodrama, trying to find their most effective place in a live setting. We were and remain as I'm writing this, at the Holiday Inn of Sunderland, completely inspired again.

We wanted Versions to feel like a worn blanket, tattered from a lifetime of loving abuse, always there when you need it. The scope of the project may seem tiny but there's an immeasurable amount of ourselves packed into it. Quite literally, there are voicemails from my grandmother in there. Making it has reminded us that while some artists may choose to mine the same sonics or ideas over and over, that isn't what our band is about. Today, this is how we sound and it most likely won't be the next time we talk like this, and that's okay. This is where we are and what we've needed to sound like these last couple months. and with the state of things as they are, we think everyone could use a little comfort anyways."

The complete list of all their upcoming shows are below, with one newly announced show at Sebright Arms in London on 7 December for which tickets are on sale here.

24 - King Tut's in Glasgow*
25 - Trades Club in Hebden Bridge*
26 - Kasbah in Coventry*
28 - The Haunt in Brighton*
29 - Scala in London*

1 - Soup Kitchen in Manchester
2 - Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds
3 - Bodega in Nottingham
5 - The Louisiana in Bristol
7 - Sebright Arms in London

The Golden Age Of Bullshit is available via Spotify and Apple Music with a 12" version on pre-order through paradYse.


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