Gengahr ‘Where Wildness Grows’ is out now!

The second Gengahr album is out today, Where Wildness Grows, we hope you enjoy listening to the whole thing! It's available now digitally, on CD and vinyl.

"A record that places Gengahr in a realm of truly special British bands."
"Second flowering from darkly flamboyant Londoners"

The band are going out on tour in the UK and Europe from the end of this month, and there are a few opportunities to see them in more intimate settings this week. First at a few record store performances and then at an exhibition of the art from the album at A-Side / B-Side Gallery in Hackney. The exhibition will also feature contributions from friends of the band like alt-J, Mystery Jets, Marika Hackman, Slaves, Toothless and Puppy. Join the Facebook events from the links below for more information.

11 - Resident in Brighton, UK (Facebook Event)
13 - Rough Trade in Bristol, UK (Facebook Event)
14 - Rough Trade in Nottingham, UK (Facebook Event)
15 - Gengahr & Friends Art Exhibition at A-Side B-Side Gallery in London, UK (Facebook Event)
15 - Rough Trade East in London, UK (Facebook Event)

Below are some quotes from Felix about some of the key songs on the album. If you'd like to read more about the making of the album, they did a brilliant interview with DIY magazine that was published last week.

"Burning Air is a song that screams for integrity. Spits at social climbing, snarls at fairness and champions authenticity and hard work. Sarcastic and truthful in equal measure, it aims to smash through the glass ceiling above us all and cover us in the shard of other peoples insincerity."

"Where Wildness Grows is an attempt to figure out what it is that makes us get out of bed in the morning. Where do we find the passion to create the lives we want for ourselves? And with these great expectations and ambitions, how do we cope when things don’t go to plan? I’m still not sure..."

"Before Sunrise is a song that celebrates the relief and simplicity one can find lost in the night. A clarity and single mindedness that doesn't exist in day to day life. A beautiful weightlessness that gradually dissolves as the sun comes up."
The video for that song features The Anfa Riders, shot in their home town of Casablanca, by fast-rising director Jamie Whitby. The gang have found their own take on the #bikelife movement with the help of a national glut of cheap import mopeds. Referring to themselves as 'stunters', they gather in huge groups on the outskirts of the city and away from the authorities who confiscate their bikes on sight. This video is a snapshot of their universe, a celebration of the sense of freedom and weightlessness that we seem to lose as we get older, found in a corner of the world where you might not think to look. Watch it in full below.

"Carrion is one of the hardest hitting tracks we have written, both musically and lyrically... The track is full of snark and bitterness, but also offers hope and triumph over the oppressive nature of the world we live in today. Born in part out of frustration, the song crashes on, an embodiment of the resilience we've found essential in getting to where we find ourselves now."

Listen to the whole of Where Wildness Grows online and get a copy on CD or vinyl.


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