Named after the Canadian neighbourhood he grew up in, Boniface is the project of 21-year-old Micah Visser. Visser spent his childhood learning violin, saxophone, guitar, piano, and computer programming. At some point he stopped learning other people’s songs and began writing his own. It was here, writing alone in his bedroom, that Visser forged a sound that would take an indie sensibility and make it glisten, finding his way to a new kind of 21st century pop.

Described as a "unique and beautiful underdog", Boniface play dream-like, heartfelt pop music, with most recent single Dear Megan (released 7 March 2018) demonstrating their shining exuberance as an outfit. The single builds on their past work, resulting in a track that is intense and wistful, nostalgic and infectious. Discussing playing live, Visser explains “I just fell in love with that energy. Facilitating positivity is all you can ask for really, and when I can tangibly feel that in a room it reminds me why I love doing this.”

The band have been playing around the world in the last few months, including an appearance at SXSW, and are no strangers to England, having supported Lo-Moon on their UK tour earlier this year. They will be back later in the year for a one-off London show, hitting Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 6 November.