Wesley Joseph

Wesley Joseph is a British songwriter, producer and filmmaker currently based in London. His debut single Imaginary Friends is out now on EEVILTWINN. 

Of the single, he says: 

"Imaginary Friends was written at OG Horse HQ when we first moved to London. It felt like the beginning of a new chapter and I was wide eyed about everything and happy to be in a new place. I make music at night, when it feels like no one's awake, and some songs sit in my head for a while and others come after fishing in the dark spontaneously, this was one of those times."

"The best cuts always happen when I’ve really felt alive, and whatever I was feeling has been channeled without much thought. Each one is part of a terminal of my own emotional escape file I can access whenever I want, and they mean something to me so specific. Whether it be texturally, melodically or lyrically, it means something to me it won’t to anyone else. When I haven’t heard a song I love in a while and it comes on, it always reminds me of where I was in the bigger picture of life when I first heard it, how the air felt, the energy in my soul in that moment I was alive. When you look back at life, the romanticised memories are nearly always more poignant than the reality but music allows you to relive those moments as over exaggerated, melodramatic soundbites. I want to provide those soundbites. That's it."