Marika Hackman

Marika's music channels something very different to the happy-clappy nature of recent folk hers is a far more potent vision in the lineage of Syd Barrett, but presented by an enigmatic beauty with a striking vocal delivery more akin to that of Cat Power deftly exploring an unsmiling bereft landscape.

There's a violence to the countryside, encapsulated in the sumptuous prose of D.H Lawrence's in which metaphors engorge and heighten into states of pure ecstasy. A fantastic and virulent strain of writing which, thanks to Marika Hackman, now exists in song. Double A-Side "You Come Down" and "Mountain Spines" produced by Johnny Flynn and Adam Beach from the Sussex Wit was released September 3rd through Transgressive imprint paradYse (Theme Park, Cold Specks).  Its follow up mini album 'That Iron Taste' and the subsequent 'Sugar Blind' and 'Deaf Heat' EPs cemented Marika as one of the most formidable talents out there at the moment.  


Her debut album 'We Slept At Last' will be released on the 16th February.