Let’s Eat Grandma

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth were just 17 when Let’s Eat Grandma released their 2016 debut, I, Gemini - childhood friends who grew up together writing songs that, over time, emerged into something quite magical. Call it experimental sludge pop, bubblegum-psych rock, it was a marriage of magnificence and makeshift, with synths, saxophones, clapping games, recorders, and secured them sold out shows, critical acclaim, a spellbinding turn on Jools Holland; their audience drawn to the strange beauty of their music, to something compelling and otherworldly.

Two years on, and I'm All Ears was an even greater revelation: the most startling, infectious, innovative and thrilling record of 2018, earning a slew of 5* reviews and winning the award for Album Of The Year at the Q Awards and Best Sophomore Release at the AIM Awards. Alive with furious pop, unapologetic grandeur, intimate ballads; with loops, Logic, outrageous 80s drum solos, as well as production from David Wrench and SOPHIE with Faris Badwan; I’m All Ears was an album that cemented Let’s Eat Grandma as one of the most creative and exciting bands in the world today.

Their newest single Hall of Mirrors is out now.

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